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About Us!

PicoCirca International is a global corporate organization registered under the Company’s and Allied Matters Act of 1990, to do the business of Intellectual Property, provide Value Added Services (VAS), Media / Technology Services, Business Development, Import and Export, Transportation, Manufacturing, Computer maintenance, Sales and Supply, Capacity Building, Agro-allied and Agro-based Production, Oil and Gas.
We are spearheading ideas in private organizations, government agencies and parastatals, aimed at providing better, well improved and affordable products and services for use in our world today…



We are at the top of our game when it comes to creating an aura of unequivocal perception for your product or business. We don’t just give your business an unmistakable face, we bring life to it.

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Business Development

Pursuing strategic opportunities for your particular business or organization, by cultivating partnerships, identifying new markets for its products or services becomes a piece of cake with us working with you.

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Web Design

We possess the different skills in the production and maintenance of websites. From graphics design; interface design; authoring, including standardized code and propriety software; user experience {UX} design; and search engine optimization.

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Capacity Building

Just within the last decade, we’ve seen the world transit from “Golden Minutes” into “Golden Seconds”. Developing and strengthening the skills, instincts, abilities, processes and resources needed by organizations to survive, adapt, and thrive in this fast-changing world cannot be overemphasized. You can count on our faculty of seasoned “Educators and Trainers” on that.

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Our first class Consultation cuts across Start-up, Technology and Media services and products, Corporate and Personal Profiling etc.




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Home & Office Supplies

We believe that elegance is not luxury, it is a necessity that should be maintained at all time. Showcasing that taste of excellence you’ve always imagined at your home and offices with the finest and most cost effective pieces of furniture, stationery, consumables, 3D Epoxy floors, 3D Ceilings, Wall Mural,  Stamped Concrete floors etc.  is just a click away..

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At PicoCirca International, creating and maintaining a standard of universal worth is of great import to us.

As a company, we will continue to see to the fact that the highest obtainable quality of our services and products are provided, tactfully seducing relevant corporate bodies and organizations to do same, providing a non-monopolized global field for genuine and incisive business men and women.

Service Pledge

It is our culture at PicoCirca International to ensure transparency and rectitude in our interactions, product and service deliveries to our clientele. We pride our self to a fault on our unequivocal approach to providing what we stand for, with zero tolerance of chicanery and usurpation.
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Our unparalleled conceptualism which is directly reflected in our operation module and felt on our finished products with eminence and grandeur, hence, the quandary of our competitors.

We treat every client’s demand with dexterity and ecstasy, knowing that their satisfaction is the elixir of our company’s success.

Our Collection

Here we show you our world; An unprecedented excellence through work.

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